Mel Watts, who is one of Australia’s most popular influencers and co-founder of Ola the Label, grew her hugely successful social platform via a blog, ‘The Modern Mumma’ which she launched in 2014. TMM quickly grew with her blogs gaining massive traction by spawning important conversations about her time as a single parent, a teen pregnancy and young parenting. She wrote candidly about her mental health issues and tried her hardest to give women a place where they felt like they weren’t alone. Through Covid lockdowns her mental health declined and she struggled with homeschooling her four children and feeling trapped indoors. Like many it was a lot and took a significant toll and she found herself comfort eating and lost the desire to exercise. She started noticing all her clothing felt tighter and she was just UNCOMFORTABLE which is how Ola started. Mel with her best friend Nadine launched Ola in 2020, pouring all their energy into it. From making drawings they spent hours upon hours in those first few weeks drafting plans. Ola became about making women feel incredible in their skin in their basics. It was designed that even throughout bloat or weight gain they’ll stretch to fit. Mel and Nadine wanted women to wake up and look at themselves in the mirror and feel bloody amazing. So they removed the parts of the simplest forms of clothing and gave a new meaning of wearing your basics and feeling great. Ola is made for everybody - the range is from XS - 3XL as they wanted as many bodies as possible to feel included and not just an added extra. Together they’ve watched their small granny flat 25 pieces per size grow to a 7 figure business that supports both their families and allows them to work flexibly as working Mums.

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