Tess Nguyen is the director and powerhouse behind Midnight Mischief Sleepwear. WIth no prior business experience, she purchased Midnight Mischief on Gumtree for $15 000 in 2018 and turned it into a multi-million dollar business within 2 years of the acquisition on a shoestring budget. Driven by her value for self-care and rest, Tess Nguyen devotes each Midnight Mischief collection to her passion for wellness as well as her desire to produce quality pieces at an affordable price. Prior to her endeavours at Midnight Mischief, Tess had a career as a physiotherapist. It was through her work in a wide range of clinical settings she experienced the importance for health and wellbeing. Not only does Tess believe in self-care, she also values caring for others. Through the simple acts of kindness, the personalisation offering at Midnight Mischief offers an additional touch to luxury gift giving. Tess wants her customers to feel included in her brand and encourages them to make their Midnight Mischief pieces their own.

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